Apr 09, 2015 · On April 2nd this year, World Autism Awareness Day, I decided to offer a little insight to some of my Facebook friends. Their responses were actually what inspired me to start Autistic Not Weird in the first place (and its Facebook page, which opens in a new window).
Last generation, PCs outpowered consoles by a significant margin. This time around, the game is much closer, and the software is catching up too.

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Aug 18, 2019 · Transformers from scratch. 18 Aug 2019; code on github; video lecture; Transformers are a very exciting family of machine learning architectures. Many good tutorials exist (e.g. [1, 2]) but in the last few years, transformers have mostly become simpler, so that it is now much more straightforward to explain how modern architectures work. Jun 21, 2019 · So yeah, it felt weird on Thursday when the Hawks were able to trade up to No. 4 overall while keeping the No. 10 pick they got from Dallas in the Young-Doncic deal. It had to be Hunter, and it ...

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Sep 01, 2020 · Trump's latest weird theory involves a 'plane loaded with thugs' People lurking "in the dark shadows" controlling American streets? A plane full of black-uniformed "thugs"?

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Weird Science. Subscribe3.4K. Incredible bubble formation trapped underneath frozen lake.Apr 07, 2015 · It may also be the speed of America's rise to superpower status, Logevall and Osgood suggest, that helped generate the obsession with avoiding a repeat of Munich.

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Sep 30, 2007 · Man this is really weird I thought it happened only with me so i was a bit nervous googling it this thing has been happening with me for the past 3-4 years and nearly bout 20-25 times Once i even waited for a while before walking under the light thinking it was just a coincidence but as soon as i walked beneath it whoosh it went off , creepy ... All the powers use the United States as a mercenary state: with enough lobbying at the right time they can get the 'sole superpower' to do all the dirty work for them.

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Jun 18, 2018 · As China becomes the world’s superpower, there’s every reason to believe that they’ll keep that up—but that now they’ll have the influence to lure in the politicians of the future from every part of the world. But it doesn’t stop there. China has already started influencing schools in other countries, too. Jun 13, 2008 · Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. With Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, Ashlyn Sanchez. A science teacher, his wife, and a young girl struggle to survive a plague that causes those infected to commit suicide.

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It's bird-boy's superpower: a weird second shadow that's more like a cloud of purpley stuff that can fight or do tasks, basically act independently The darker it is, the stronger the shadow gets. When it's too dark, Dark Shadow becomes a super-strong beserker thing that takes over his body Mar 07, 2015 · My Superpower March 7, 2015 March 23, 2015 Kheme We were having ice cream at Mardo one lovely evening when I explained my “superpower” to some close friends, and one of them called me “The Embassy Whisperer”. Dec 12, 2014 · “After midnight (or half an hour after taking my sleeping pill), I get really weird and out of personality. Like I will sexually talk to my straight guy friends even if I don’t mean to.” A red room. “I painted my room red because I heard it increases sex drive.” Having your period. “My sex drive is 10x worse on my period… great.”

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You can’t seem to go more than a few feet before running into a Peter in the Marvel universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy have Peter Quill/Star-Lord, the X-Men and Deadpool have Pyotr “Peter ... Want to receive this post in your inbox every day? Sign up for the Balance of Power newsletter, and follow Bloomberg Politics on Twitter and Facebook for more.

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